He left with milk for his sister while I left with a new eye on life

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As I stepped off the beautiful Bosphorus cruise in Istanbul, my hair was beehived with wind and ocean breeze. I walked with a sway in my step; still used to the rocking motion of the boat. The sun was beginning to set in the distance, burning the sky in an extravagant fashion.

With the luxury and opulence of the boat ride came the stark contrast of stepping back onto land. As the area wasn’t a touristy area, there was trash strewn onto the road and many families sat on the street with signs pleading for food.

Let’s just hope writing about it will help me understand it better

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A few days ago, I got back from a beautiful week-long vacation in Turkey. For eight days straight, I meandered the streets of Istanbul; stopping only to take photos and enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine. As the golden sun shined on me for that week, I felt pure bliss. There were no worries and for the first time in a long time; I felt authentically myself.

But, since I’ve gotten home, that has all changed. Nothing I do reminds me of myself. Where have I gone? It feels a lot more than just post-vacation blues.

Firstly, I’ve been waking up abnormally…

The plight called “revenge bedtime procrastination”

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You’ve scrolled for hours; taking full advantage of the endless scroll feature most social media apps offer these days. You’ve consumed so much content that neon lights still flash behind your eyes when you close them.

Your neck hurts from straining to look at your phone. Your finger is cramping and your whole body aches in desperation for sleep. The sunlight seeps in through the curtains.

You’ve done it again. You sabotaged your sleep.

What is revenge bedtime procrastination? Where did the term come from?

Revenge bedtime procrastination is essentially when one sacrifices time meant for sleep in order to feel a sense of control over time. This usually happens in…

You know what, maybe we aren’t so bad after all.

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The summer of my sophomore year of high school, my brother, Mom, and I packed a month’s worth of summer clothes for our visit to my Grandma in France.

Not a single article of clothing in the suitcase was suitable for the harsh winter climate of France. Neither our clothing nor our intentions at the time matched with the reality: we would end up spending almost two years in France.

We bought thick sweaters, bulky coats, and mittens. We worried as we shopped, as to how we would manage to bring the items that came along with our extended stay…

As COVID cases are rising, Tokyo fights back by placing Tokyo under a state of emergency

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State of emergency for Japan

Starting from July 12th and running until August 22nd, Japan has announced a state of emergency and various countermeasures to combat the rising COVID cases in the face of the opening ceremony of the Summer Games.

The Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga, states, “taking into consideration the effect of coronavirus variants and not to let the infections spread again to the rest of the nation, we need to strengthen our countermeasures.”

According to the new rules, bars and restaurants will be closed by 11:00 and will not be allowed to serve alcohol.

What about the Games?

The Games have already been delayed due…

The neuroscience behind what diary writing can do for your mind and body

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I’ve been told that diary writing is only a certain demographic; troubled hipsters or spoiled kids who use their diaries to whine endlessly. They’ll write pages soaked with tears brought on by insignificant problems which are amplified by their weakness and sensitivity. In other words, diary writing is for the weak snowflakes of the world who would rather cry about their problems than solve them. The type of person natural selection would “take care of”.

But, to whoever is reading this, I hope you realize how wrong that is and how toxic this generalization can be. Writing is regarded as…

Kim Jong Un’s weight loss is not well-received by North-Koreans

Kim Jong Un’s weight loss shown in pictures from February and June (ChannelNewsAsia)

Kim Jong Un’s weight loss has reportedly become a “point of concern in Pyongyang” according to VOA News.

The weight loss discussions come after NK News noted that Kim Jong Un’s watch was a notch tighter on his more slender wrist after reappearing in state media after almost a month.

North Korean state television has admitted the concern regarding the leader and acknowledged his recent weight loss; an admission the North Korean government would usually stay far away from.

During street interviews with North Korean residents, it was revealed just how devastated the citizens of the nation are for their…

Are the days of endless oozing burger advertisements running television over?

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It seems that every country is dealing with its own obesity. Frantic governments try to impose laws, put out inspiring PSAs, and start health-centric campaigns to help combat the rising statistics of obesity and its effects.

However, one country is taking a giant step forward; a desperate and firm move: TV commercials for certain foods will be limited to a window between 9:00 pm and 5:30 am. TV commercials for junk food will be banned from playing before 9:00 pm. These rules will be effective from 2023.

The foods that will be affected are foods that are high in sugar…

How the “Border Crisis” has ruined the Biden administration

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Biden’s 100 days: a hot topic that the United States has been buzzing about since the start of his presidency. The first 100 days of a President’s time in office is a critical time where the eyes of American citizens are focused sharply on the President and his every move; framing public opinion. This is especially this year, as one of the most influential presidential elections has occurred in history. Immigration, it seems, is a major topic of discussion and action in Biden’s first 100 days in office; and the country is watching.

According to “‘Get Back on Offense’: Immigration…

The bioethics of cloning

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Gone are the days where cloning is a far-fetched dream; a scientist grinning in the glowing green light of his evil creation. Gone are the days where the concept of cloning is merely that; now, it is reality.

Not many people know about Dolly the sheep; the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell. Dolly the sheep isn’t a product of modern technology either; she was “born” in 1996 in a laboratory in Scotland after 277 previous failed attempts. That was over 20 years ago.

Dolly was created through nuclear fission. Scientists took the DNA of a body cell…

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Hello, world! I am a university student who has lived in France for the past year. I hope to share the countless things I have learned in my life with you!

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