The emotional encounter that changed my outlook on life

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Over 5 years ago, I visited the “homeland”; I visited Pakistan. You see, my heritage is Pakistani but I wasn’t born there and I had never lived there either. For me, home was America and going to visit Pakistan for the first time since I was a baby, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t feel a particular attachment to the country, but I loved it dearly as its culture has shaped who I am today.

As I got off the plane and landed in Karachi, a major city in Pakistan, the first thing I felt was the heat…

How the “Border Crisis” has ruined the Biden administration

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Biden’s 100 days: a hot topic that the United States has been buzzing about since the start of his presidency. The first 100 days of a President’s time in office is a critical time where the eyes of American citizens are focused sharply on the President and his every move; framing public opinion. This is especially this year, as one of the most influential presidential elections has occurred in history. Immigration, it seems, is a major topic of discussion and action in Biden’s first 100 days in office; and the country is watching.

According to “‘Get Back on Offense’: Immigration…

The bioethics of cloning

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Gone are the days where cloning is a far-fetched dream; a scientist grinning in the glowing green light of his evil creation. Gone are the days where the concept of cloning is merely that; now, it is reality.

Not many people know about Dolly the sheep; the first mammal cloned from an adult somatic cell. Dolly the sheep isn’t a product of modern technology either; she was “born” in 1996 in a laboratory in Scotland after 277 previous failed attempts. That was over 20 years ago.

Dolly was created through nuclear fission. Scientists took the DNA of a body cell…

Maybe those fails were good for something after all

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I’ve always loved cooking. When I was a kid, I would take a stool to the tall counter and messily chop carrots for my “carrot salad” that I thought was incredibly unique and invented by me.

Growing up, I spent hours watching Masterchef, imagining my own recipes being presented to the judges. I fantasized about having them take that first bite with enjoyment and wonder on their face.

But, baking? Not my terrain at all. Leave that to someone else.

However, during quarantine, the constant viral baking recipes that everyone was trying out during their lockdown got to me. …

The science behind food and emotions

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This year, like every year since I was old enough, I am fasting for Ramadan, a holy month where Muslims don’t eat or drink from sunrise to sunset and strengthen their connection with God.

No, not even water.

It might seem difficult, but most Muslims will tell you it really isn’t as bad as it seems. In fact, I, like many other Muslims, find Ramadan to be my favorite time of year.

Essentially, Muslims wake up early before sunrise to eat a pre-dawn meal; suhoor. This meal will keep us energized for the day ahead and will ensure smooth fasting…

How much my curated story made me; and other notes on curation

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On April 22, I wrote my article, How a Hungry Little Girl in Pakistan Changed My Life. After starting out on Medium in late February and writing a total of 28 articles so far, this story is the first one to get curated so far.

It’s not a coincidence that the story is my most authentic and meaningful story yet. I spend the most time on this article and really spent a lot of effort on it. I can’t say the same for all of my previous posts.

Was I In “Curation Jail”?

Do enough research about curation on Medium and you’ll hear the term…

The small (and big) things you can do

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Let’s face it. The world is tough and it’s hard to always be who we are without the world bringing us down. There are deadlines to meet, work to do, and a fast pace to follow. In all of this, it can be hard not to fall into a bad mood or fall out of the person you used to be. Whether you need a quick pick me up or something with a little more longevity, here are 20 things I do that pick me up instantly.

1. Walk in Nature

Enough said. Walking in nature grounds us and reminds us that our problems…

It seemed impossible but wasn’t

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At the end of February, my aunt suggested that I take my passion for writing on to Medium. I took up her suggestion and I couldn’t be more grateful to her.

At the time, I was living in France, so I had a lot to write about. I published my first article, titled, “5 Things Living In France For a Year Taught Me”. The article did fairly okay in terms of views and member reading time. But, what really excited me was the realm of possibility of being able to write anything I wanted on the platform. Feeling inspired and…

Why indulging your inner child can be one of the most effective things for your mental health.

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As adults, we are constantly hustling, living in a world of number and facts, with no time to ourselves. The world just isn’t the same when you grow up. How many times have you watched the news to find tragedy, conflict, and the perils of real life? The weight of the world lies on our shoulders and we don’t even realize it. The world gets to us. The negativity is constantly swarming in our head; we’re well aware of the dangers of the world. Remember when we were kids and our biggest worry was making the perfect dirt soup? Where…

The lessons that took some time (and painful growth) to realize

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I’m young, but I sure have learned a lot. From social cues, passions, and ettiquete; there are some things thta took me a while to nail. Things that I had to learn the hard way. Sometimes seeing or hearing a piece of advice doesnt mean anything until you’re faced with it in real life.

1. Value Your Privacy

The first lesson I’ve had to learn the hard way is valuing my privacy. As an adolescent, I was constantly oversharing; a total social butterfly. I believed authentcity and connection are needed in life and that total openness is a quality I should posses. …

Soha Sherwani

Hello, world! I am a university student who has lived in France for the past year. I hope to share the countless things I have learned in my life with you!

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